The mask of social media..

Read an essential commentary on social media in 2018. The bottom line is that the more authentic you are online, the more real your social media experience will be with real like-minded followers.

Anxiety The Bitch

Love it. Hate it. Social media today is as much a part of our lives as the very air we breathe. Not to imply that it is essential to survive, but remove a teenagers phone from them and they will get withdrawals. Just like they would if you were addicted to smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. I know this because I am a teenager. As we speak, I am portraying a message to you over the means of a computer screen. Where are the days where one would simply hold a conversation with somebody in the flesh? How have we let our world be consumed by the beautiful monster which is social media itself? It’s simple really; we can all be someone different online.

I’m not talking about being a catfish; pretending to have a completely different identity than what we were born with. I’m talking about the mask of…

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