Make Your Life Count

Written by Mitch Santell

There is only one life, and you are living it. You are in the ever-present now, so all you can do is: Make Your Life Count.

Be your best 1.gif
Make Your Life Count


One thought on “Make Your Life Count

  1. TV from 1948 was social engineering tool, as countless conspiracy buffs snivel about. However people who watch TV are only static voyeurs. The next NWO stage was computers & internet to be interactive TV so people could really clone off being participant instead of voyeur.
    Interesting how CIA/Hollywood movies used predictive programming long before 9/11 to set the stage for NWO Conspiracy to become a mainstream Culture, with computers/internet geeks trolling at home as pretend activists the new hedonism.
    It’s like 80’s movie Revenge of the Nerds was prophetic about the rise of web geek trolls who couldn’t whip their way out a piss soaked paper bag… like pathetic narcissist nerds Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as culture icons for pathetic trolls.

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