After The Oscars

Written by Mitch Santell

It was a curious moment when I tuned into the Oscars the other night. It was during Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue. It felt different to me, not like other Oscar night’s that I have watched my whole life.

Our family was on the Paramount Lot from 1930 until 1939.

When you come from an old Hollywood Family with dozens of dozens of credits to your family name, it makes you wonder what my Great Uncle and My Grandfather would have said to me watching the 90th Annual Academy Awards.

Since they are not here, here is my take on this year’s awards.

One – Hollywood is not in Hollywood anymore so you can do your dream anywhere!

Two – The same Issues That Hollywood deals within 2018 are the same issues that it dealt with in 1918.

Three – The new Hollywood is housed with all of the streaming companies like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and dozens more.

Here is a link to an article that I know you will find of interest:

(If the material is taken down, here is a pdf version so enjoy).

10 Forgotten Hollywood Scandals – Listverse

Mack Sennett Studios 1918




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