The 10 Commandments of Hollywood

Written by Mitch Santell

Quentin Tarantino
Avoid Ass-Holes.

1). Avoid Ass-Holes.
There is an ass-hole born every minute in Hollywood, don’t you be one of them. (Be a class act and be the person people remember through your kindness).

a little mad

2). Watch How The People Around You Treat Others.
You will learn more by watching how someone treats the waiter or waitress during lunch. (If they abuse your server, then it is only a matter of time before they harm you).

Wisdom 2

3). Avoid Envious and Jealous People
Make a list of people who won’t support you in your project and never call them again. (Envy and Jealousy is the #1 reason why most projects fail, don’t get caught up in this).

hollywood sign being built-1


4). Focus On Building Your Team.
Surround yourself with the best team possible who understand what you are doing.


aaa dollar-bill-pyramid
Learn How To Turn Down Money.


5). Learn How To Turn Down Money.
The wrong investor will shred and cancel your project before you do so get clear on who you want to put money in.


6). Hollywood Isn’t In Hollywood Anymore.
Don’t believe me? Sign up with Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go, and you will see what I mean! Their content is for a global audience.


charlie chaplin 1930's
Keep Their Secrets

7). Keep Thier Secrets.
If you are serious about being a producer, you are going to end up as hearing everyone’s secrets.

aaa love everything

8). Focus On Your Strength.
Take action based on your strength, not your weakness.

the end exit

9.) Determine Your Exit Strategy First.
The goal is to know who you are selling too and where you want your project to appear.

after your dead

10). A Non-Disclosure Agreement Is Either The Start Or The End Of Your Relationship

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