Thoughts On “As In The Days Of Noah.”


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Written by RR and sent via Esoterik Espionage


Just a few thoughts on the world before the flood.

It says in Book of Enoch chapter 6:6 that the fallen angels came to earth on Mount Hermon in the days of Noah’s ancestor Jared.

In Genesis 5 and 7 from Jared’s birth to his first son Enoch is 162 years and the years from Jared to Noah and his sons plus 100 years to create the ark adds total 1196 years from Jared to the actual flood.

So if you are to look back from now in 2018 AD and go back 1196 years…that would be 822 AD.

So from there how much did the population grow and how much did technology grow???

That gives a rough look how much life must have grown and changed in the pre-flood world from Jared to the flood and Noah.

Noah begat his son’s age 500 plus 100 years to the ark and flood seen in Genesis 7.

So Jesus spoke as in the days of Noah… well from age 500 to the flood alone was 100 more years that were horrible on the earth.

So from the building of the ark to flood from Jared were 1096 years of generations.

The fallen angels and their giant children corrupted the DNA chains of nature. Wars, high technology…

Did the fallen angelic host come appearing as aliens and gods to humans in Jared’s times?

All this alien stuff is not new. It’s a very ancient deception.

The Book of Enoch describes the pre-flood world and the things the fallen host taught women and men like cosmetics and war machines…

The women they lusted for were the first witches they took and seduced.

Old myths of Atlantis and Lemuria before the flood tell of a golden high tech age most horrific.

Off the coasts of Africa and Florida alone are sunken civilizations before the flood.

Again looking back to the world in Europe and Asia in 822 to now…

That’s serious rise of populations, empires, technologies…

This aliens thing does not excite me to spazz out. It’s a very old scam and evidence of the fallen angelic host coming to earth again to be worshipped as gods.

The point is if this Alien thing is going on now, it was in the days of Noah before the flood.

AI isn’t new… it was there before the flood.

All the weird genetic splicing now in DUMBS bases was going on before the flood.

That’s WHY the flood happened was to stop this DNA monster creation business.

Noah was told to take ONLY creatures who had reproduced after their own kind in Genesis which meant no DNA aberration monsters like what we call dinosaurs etc.

Fallen Angels and Noah

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