Looking For A Yes

Written by Mitch Santell

It’s a new day and so glad you are here. Breath, stay in your body and just enjoy the small moments because that is what you will remember when all of this is over.

Each time I work on a project I am looking for a yes. First, I look for a yes to my idea. Then I look for a yes from new team members I scout out, then I look for a yes from investors.

It is easy to start; there are many tools out there to help you, the critical element to your success is going to be the follow-up and follow through.

As T. Harv Eker loves to say “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

positive thoughts

Phase One

To get a yes on your project (which could be a music project, radio project, documentary film, event or other), you are going to need to stop your distractions to focus.

1st) ~ Get off of social media as much as possible, go for a walk, take a yellow legal pad with you and start making some notes to yourself.

2nd) ~ Leave your smartphone at home when running errands to free your mind, turn it off at night and don’t leave it on your nightstand.

3rd) ~ Shift your schedule by getting up one hour earlier than you usually do and watch how you will feel like you have 3 hours of extra time. Planning, organizing and follow through all take place when the mind is at rest and clear.

omg yes
Look for a yes and make sure it is the perfect YES for YOU!

Phase Two

4th) ~ Put yourself on a water hydration program. What is mine? Each morning I drink two 10-ounce glasses of distilled water with a pinch of baking soda in it.  After I let the water digest for about 15 minutes, next, I drink two 10-ounce glasses of Club Soda.

5th) ~ Make a list of people personally and professionally who don’t “get you,” and stop calling them. Your project will slow down to a crawl with any connections that are dead weight.

6th) ~ Do your research, get hip to the brand, style, and market that you are developing for your products or services. One way that I keep myself sane during any project is to think of it as a project and not a company. This means you have a beginning, a middle and an end and you will know as you go where you are at.

7th) ~ Make sure that your morals are in check and that the people you work with are like-minded with how you move in the world. You better do some real research into the people you are working with. Example: I live as an ethical hedonist, but the people who want to partner with me in the project are recovering Mormons or are part of a cult. Do not take this lightly, I have had direct experience in this, and you have to do DUE DILIGENCE and don’t let people dump their own “demons” and “crap” on you! Since I am not an occultist, I do not wish to be near anyone associated with any major “religion.”

Heavens-Gate Follow Me
Avoid Religious Fanatics Or Cults.

8th) ~ If you have not figured this out by now, the critical element in your project is YOU. You have to deal with YOU first before anyone else does. If you do not have focus, clarity and a game plan, how do you expect others to show up? So it’s all about you at the start!

9th) ~ Change your perspective by talking with others who do not have your point of view, this makes all the difference to gaining your own clarity.

 10th) ~ When 1st cousins marry, you are at the bottom of the gene pool.*

*If you are satire impaired you can stop reading right now.

Yes, I will have more for you in Phase Three!

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