The Trump Affect

Written by Mitch Santell

The division politically has been a nightmare here in the USA since Trump was elected President.

Hey, if anyone had told me that after being a hard line progressive liberal democrat my whole life that I would change parties and vote for Donald J. Trump, I would have said “your nuts!”

My first prediction that Trump was going to “take the prize” was in February of 2017 because I could sense that American’s were sick of being “victims.”

No, Trump is not perfect, but he is the best thing we have had in a long time. What did Trump do best? Shake up the thinking of popular culture because it took a “reality show TV star” to shake the nation awake.

Yes, we have some terrible problems here and like so many I want our troops brought home. Trump can’t do that because the U.S. Military is sort of like “Team America,” we are the world police.

Before you have a seizure or a heart attack with what I am writing here, I am writing these opinions based on being a can-do radio and music producer, not some victim who is sitting on the side of the road waiting for a handout.

Others have written why they voted for Trump too.

Check this out:

Trump is staking his presidency on killing the credibility of the Main Stream Media. Who Owns the mainstream media? If you have never seen the chart, here it is:


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