Bill Cooper Is A Hero To Me

Written by Mitch Santell

The audio below is 6 Minutes and 4 Seconds in length. It is worth your time to hear this little piece of history. It was originally recorded on September 26, 2001, before William Milton Cooper was killed in front of his home on November 6, 2001. We will never forget you, Mr. Cooper! (RIP).

Why do I want you to hear this? Like so many, I was a follower of Alex Jones, and after returning to California in 2013, after living in New Zealand for almost 6 years, I could never listen to him again. Let me know your thoughts on this as we are the remnants of those who came before us.

William Cooper Small Picture AfterHollywood
William Milton Cooper (2001 RIP).

Who was Bill Cooper?

William Cooper birth death frame


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