Hollywood Falls

Written by Mitch Santell

hollywoodland perception final

It was an absolute blast to be a guest on the Zeph Daniel Report. Yesterday, I called the “Zeph Man” and wanted to check in on how he was doing. When I exited my show “Remnants and Luminaries” at American Freedom Radio, I took a much-needed break. 

During that break, my guilty pleasure became The Zeph Daniel Report. What do I love most about hearing his show? It is entirely unrehearsed, and Zeph is often joined by his partner Patricia and they are a delight to engage with on the air.

In addition to his daily shows, Zeph is also a world-class musician and producer, and you’ll hear some fantastic musical pieces all written, performed and produced by Zeph.

reel to reel
Analog Tape ( I miss it ).

Zeph is available to listen to at


You can hear my interview here:


zeph daniel picture
Zeph Daniel

In addition to his own podcast, Zeph has also been on Coast to Coast AM and here is the bio I found on their website:

Zeph was born into an elite family, and at an early age, became a failed victim of satanic ritual abuse and mind control. However, the programming failed because of the spirit of Zeph.

Later he became involved in writing for film and television in the horror field. He claims these were attempts to find out what happened, who he was, what went wrong. It took 25 years for the total defeat of the old person, the death of that fragment of tortured humanity, and his resurrection in the Spirit of God.

Editor’s note: We had some technical difficulties at the start of the show, but over-all it came out just fine!

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